Atlas of Gastroenterological Endoscopy
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Update Version 2.2 of 10 22th.2000
First of all let us thank you very much for the many remarks and sugestions last year. We tried to implement some of them. The table of contents are now shown in a more comprehensive way. This improves orientation and shortens the time necessary to load the pages, since fewer images have to be loaden per site. The number of images has increased from 216 to 531. The atlas has been improved as far as design is concerned, a - Java script based - navigation system has been introduced. It has been specially arranged for the Microsoft Internet Explorer up from version 4.with a resolution of 1024x768 dpi.
Many medical collegues rated the atlas positive. Surprisingly many patients and other none- professionels also visited our atlas. Since the content of the atlas addresses medical professionals, a glossary was included to explain the most important medical terms to none- professionals. The section X- rays in the chapter ERCP was also newly introduced. Here we started to outline various ERCP- findings by means of colouring the structures in question. Many questions were asked from patients and their relatives about the way different endoscopic examinations are performed. Such explanations were not included, we recommend links, where they are thoroughly eplained. This list of links for patients is readily available at Links The Links for physicans are well selected, but confined to endoscopic pictures in the world wide web. A short “Help section, available at the homepage, gives a survey on the structure of the atlas. Please inform yourself about our internet- based Endoproject. From now on you can visit us also at
Some changes have taken place. A. Freytag is now heading the internal department of Finsterwalde hospital since december 2000. T. Deist has qualified as gastroenterologist and is now "Oberarzt" at the internal department of Aschersleben hospital since November 2000. This explains the delation of the english update. We are determined to continue editing this atlas in spite of the distance. In a way those changes will broaden the base of the atlas with pictures now originating in two hospitals. We“re keenly awaiting your comments and criticism. With best wishes until the next update is coming up: Yours
A. Freytag, T. Deist
Update version 3.01 of 12.30th.2002
English translation
The english update has taken till the end of 2002. We apologize for this delay. All english and german sites now have the same design. On eyery page the language can be instantly changed.
Programming and outfit
Computer languages develop at a breathtaking speed. To be prepared for future updates the sites were completely rewritten using CSS and Javascript. This also solved the problem of the different monitor resolutions. The size of each site now automatically adjusts to the users resolution. A full screen modus has been integrated additionnally to the sites. Various pictures comprise dynamic effects to outline or colour pathological findings for a better understanding. The atlas has been successfully tested with the following browsers: MS Internet Explorer, version 5.5 and up, Netscape Navigator, version 6 and up, Opera, version 5.12 and up and Mozilla V.0.93. Should other browsers work with the atlas please give us a notice at E-mail. The old version is still available for older browsers, we apologize that the old version is not updated. We recommend the installation of a new browser.
Owing to your remarks and suggestions we specially improved the navigation. At every site the navigator is available and will bring you to the table of contents of every chosen chapter. Likewise a new chapter called "Adjuncts" is available. Here you can find sites, which used to be hidden in the various subsections. They list relevant classifications, stages of different diseases or images as interesting background information to topics mentioned in in the various chapters of the atlas.
We are still planing a video section to be incorporated.
A. Freytag and T. Deist