Atlas of Gastroenterological Endoscopy
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Staging of colon cancer, see table stages of carcinomas .
Argonplasma coagulation as tumor palliation
Stenosing rectal carcinoma Argonplasma- coagulation
Coagulation necrosis Metastasized stenosing rectal carcinoma. Parallel to the palliative chemotherapy palliative argon-plasma-coagulation was implemented to facilitate regular stool passage and also to avoid an colostoma, since ileus was imminent. Left: tumor prior to therapy The mid- picture shows the carcinoma after coagulation of a large exophytic fraction still with high- grade stenosis and an edge infitrated by tumor. To the right a very recent coagulation necrosis and a now clearly descernable lumen is shown. Four courses of treatment achieved a good stool passage until the final stages of disease.
Narbenrand = edge of the scar, stenose = stenosis, Darmlumen = intestinal lumen, koaguliertes Gewebe = coagulated tissue.