Atlas of Gastroenterological Endoscopy
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Polyp stalk
polyp base An incomplete resection of a pedunculated sigmoid polyp has been done. Neoplastic tissue is evident at the stalk´s stump. After prophylactic clipping at the stalk´s base the tumorous rests are resected by cautery snare. If the clip is applied to close to the colonic wall, perforation might result for aberrant electric current. Thus in case of clipping the decision has to be made, whether clipping after resection is also feasable. An Endoloop® is a true alternative in this case.
Hemorrhage after polypectomy
bleeding after polypectomy Oozing hemorrhage one day after removal of a sessile sigmoid adenoma. The bleeding is treated by application of a metal clip.
Pedunculated polyp
pedunculated Polyp polyp base
polyp base Sigmoid polyp attached to a long stalk removed by cautery snare. The stalk´s stump shows a large central vessel. A metal clip is applied as prophylactic treatment