Atlas of Gastroenterological Endoscopy
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lipoma lipoma
Small lipoma of the transverse colon. In the middle of the picture a mild protrusion of the mucosa can be seen. A buttonwhole biopsy confirms the diagnosis histologically. Lipoma close to the right flexure. Smooth tumor covered by normal mucosa. The diagnosis was corroborated after surgical tumor excision. The yellowish outer appearance suggest a lipomaa already at macroscopical inspection. lipoma belong to the frequent, benign, submucosal tumors of the colon.
cecal lipoma Cecal lipoma opposite the valve of Bauhini. At the lower edge of the photo the submucosal tumor is visible next to a colonic fold.
lipoma In the ascending colon a lipoma (top) is diagnosed adjacent to a polyp (bottom). The smooth surface and the yellow colour allows discrimination of a lipoma from a polyp. The polyp shows an uneven surface without blood vessels and with a typical deep red colour.