Atlas of Gastroenterological Endoscopy
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Ileum Segmental ileal stenosis in Crohn´s disease
Ileum A typical cobblestone pattern and a distal stenosis are depicted in the left lower quadrant.
Colon Affected left hemicolon proximal to the rectum. A full blown cobblestone pattern is shown in the aboral transverse colon. Further changes are segmental affections of the upper and lower ileum.
Ileal stenosis
Ileal stenosis This patient had a history of Colitis in Crohn´s disease. In a double contrast enteroclysis a severe stenosis of the terminal ileum is suspected. Since all surrounding intestine shows a normal mucosal pattern phasic contractions are also considered. The stenosis remains unchanged during the course of the examination. Six months later ileus develops. The stenosis is confirmed intraoperatively and cleared by stricturoplasty.
Ileum and cecum
Ileum and cecum Changes of Crohn´s disease at the cecum and the terminal ileum. Note the contrast defect representing the (swollen?) Valve of Bauhini with proximal mild stenosis.