Atlas of Gastroenterological Endoscopy
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Collagenous colitis
Collagenous colitis Collagenous colitis
The endoscopic picture of a collagenous colitis usually shows a normal mucosa. Only rarely a ring- like erythema is to be found. Biopsy establishes the diagnosis by showing a submucous collagen band. Unexplained (watery) diarrhea should always prompt multiple (deep) biopsies from all parts of the colon. In our clinic we see about 2-3 newly diagnosed patients per year. Etiology of this disease is mostly unkown, chronic intake of NSAID is discussed to be causative. See also Differential diagnosis of colitis.
Collagenous colitis after diclofenac
Collagenous colitis Collagenous colitis
Slight inflammatory changes with erythema and rarefication of cecal vessels. Histology reveals a submucosal band of collagen. The patient is known to be on diclophenac for arthrotic complaints since many years. See also Differential diagnosis of colitis.