> Colon: Colitis, dermal changes in cryglobulinemia in Atlas of Gastroenterological Endoscopy von A. Freytag, T. Deist
Atlas of Gastroenterological Endoscopy
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Dermal changes in cryoglobulinämia
Since such severe dermal changes in cryoglobulinemia are very rare findings, we added those none- endoscopical images. The show acute and chronic dermal and acral changes. Exposed to cold temperature dermal, but also colonic necrosis develops. The patient suffered from this disease for over 40 years. Adjacent to acute necrotic changes, brown dermal pigment can also be seen as a sign of cryoglobulinemic attacks in the past.
acute and chronic changes Acute and chronic changes
Necrosis at finger nails Necrosis at finger nails
Acral necrosis in cryoglobulinemia Acute necrosis at the heel
Acral necrosis in cryoglobulinemia Acute necrosis of a toe
Dermal necrosis in cryoglobulinemia Acute (reddish) and chronic (brown) dermal changes.