Atlas of Gastroenterological Endoscopy
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Severe form
Pancolitis with ulcerations Pancolitis with ulceration and stenosis ulcer
Absent haustration and multiple small, superficial ulcerations. Peristaltic movements are almost completely missing and the colon is showing early signs of stenosis. Edematous mucosa with ulcerations, stenosis and absent peristaltic movements. Colitis with superficial, extended ulcer. The neighbouring mucosa is vulnerable and shows granular lesions.
Mucosal hemorrhage Ulcerations Ulcerations
This colonic mucosa shows a grid of uninterrupted ulcerations. A normal mucosal architecture is not visible. Endoscopically a severe pancolitis is diagnosed. Superficial ulceration covered by mucus. Absent haustration. Rigid colon with insufficient peristaltic movements during colonoscopy. Note a passable stenosis in the background. Similar picture in another patient. In addition there is local, mucosal hemorrhage.