Atlas of Gastroenterological Endoscopy
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Condition after distal rectal resection Scheme Abscess
A rectal cancer was treated by rectal resection with reanastomosis of the remaining colon. On introduction of the coloscope it is hard to identify the intestinal lumen. Carefull removal of the mucosal fold reveals a vast abcess- cavity with purulent, granular lining.
  • Abze▀h÷hle = abcess-cavity
  • Schleimhautfalte = mucosal fold
  • Darmlumen = intestinal lumen
Large abscess after distal rectal resection for rectal carcinoma. The patient passed purulent mucous stools. In the foreground the anastomosis can be seen. The upper of the following orifices belongs to the abscess- cavity, the lower to the colonic lumen.