Atlas of Gastroenterological Endoscopy
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NSAID - colopathy NSAID = (N)on (S)teroidal (A)nti (I)nflammatory (D)rugs
Long term medication of NSAID causes errosions in the cecum. In this case the patient took acetylic acid. The lesions are superficial and covered with fibrin. A positive stool test for blood was the indication to do a colonoscopy.
Valve of Bauhini
NSAID - colopathy Singular ulcer at the valve of Bauhini. The patient regularly took NSAID to treat a common migraine. NSAID can cause a few intestinal alterations. They mostly affect the cecum and the ascending colon. Since the changes can vary in severity from singular ulcers to full blown colitis with strictures and stenosis, they can mimick ulcerative colitis or Crohn´s disease.