Atlas of Gastroenterological Endoscopy
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We appreciate that you are showing interst in our Atlas of gastrointestinal endoscopy. To ease the
the navigation, we prepared a short "Help" section. At the homepage of our domaine (fig. 1) you can
find different organ chapters , a navigation rail and a button , which´s content changes
whenever the mouse´s arrow touches a link. At the lower edge of the image you`ll find,
version and copyright..
Navigation rails
The navigation rail at the top of the homepage will lead you to the different organ chapters

Each organ chapter starts with a table of content. Via the navigation rail you can reach the first page
. Pressing <next> and <prevoius> will bring you from one table of content to the one of the next organ chapter
A glossary for patients has recently been constructed, , which will clarify many latin expressions.
It also comprises a link to the Roche dictonary of medical expressions. The glossary opens up in a seperat frame,
allowing a quick switch from atlas to glossary when reading.
The name of the organ a pictogramm is shown on every single page. The table of content
lists subdivisions, , which contain a variable number of pages. The navigator brings
you directly to the first page of these subdivision, without going back to the table of content or even to the homepage.
The navigator (fig. 4) shows differnt submenues,
which lead to the subdivisions.
With tzhis help the adjuncts, the help section
and the table of contents are accessable.
From the subdivision pages (fig. 5) you can reach the homepage, , the table of content and
browse <next> and <previous> the pages of the subdivisions. At the end or the start of each
organ chapter vou can reach the first or last page of the following subdivision by pressing
The name of the chapter you´re presently in is discernable from the pictogramm
and it´s discription.. Just like with <next> and <previous> you can also browse the atlas with the topic.
If you´re on a page than this page´s topic is outlined in gray and
not available for mouse movements. From the first topic vou will reach the last page of the previous <previous> and the first page of the following topic with
<next>This also is supported by the "navigator".